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Egg Freezing Startup, Trellis: Here’s What You Need To Know

As a woman, there’s a lot of things you might hear and wonder about when it comes to fertility. Daytime television segments occasionally cover the topic, touching on subjects such as ovulation and number of eggs. They also talk about situations that damper those things such as age or conditions like PCOS or endometriosis. With these conversations, the topic of freezing eggs may come up. Sure, you might listen and follow along, but with sudden interest comes an urge to find out more information. Not to mention, where you might want to go for an appointment or a personal one-on-one.  

That’s where Trellis comes in. It’s an egg freezing start-up located in New York and is a part of the IntegraMed Fertility division. This start-up was created because of IntegraMed noticing a trend in demand for egg freezing among women. Women knew egg freezing was the way to go if they were interested in having children later in life, already experiencing fertility woes, or wanting to avoid future IVF troubles.

IntegraMed stepped in and allowed Trellis to become the next big thing in egg freezing. It’s not only original for its beautiful studio in NYC and largely female workforce. It also has a specific focus on health where clients meet with a fertility nutritionist to get their bodies functioning better for the best outcome. During this time, there’s also the ability to build a strong relationship with doctors, fertility workers, and staff since daily check-ins are available.

And last but not least, the chic studio that Trellis has to offer features a juice bar and a workspace for customers. This gives you the opportunity to kick back and relax and remind yourself of the power of freezing your eggs.

Trellis’ egg freezing benefits women along any part of their fertility journey or on their path to motherhood. Egg freezing allows women and couples to create a business plan out of family planning and future children. Having frozen eggs is an insurance policy of sorts, allowing couples and women to avoid the IVF process altogether by knowing they have eggs in the bank.

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If you think you’re too young to consider freezing your eggs, think again. Egg production is much better when you’re younger. So, if you already have a confirmation about fertility struggles, go for it. It also saves time and money on having to go through multiple treatments to harvest eggs for freezing. 

Trellis is currently located in New York, but they have plans to expand their presence. Check out Trellis’ website and Instagram for more information and perhaps inspiration on the matter of egg freezing.

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