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How Christi Young Uses Her Career To Find Work Life Balance

How Christi Young Uses Her Career To Find Work Life Balance


There are so many fantastic mothers thriving in the world today. Whether they are CEOs or stay-at-home moms, they are all successful in their ways.

One special mother who deserves a feature is Christi Young, the editorial director of Hawaii’s oldest and most popular magazine, HONOLULU Magazine. In 1888, the Paradise of the Pacific, HONOLULU Magazine’s predecessor, was commissioned by the King of Hawaii, King David Kalākaua. That means that, since 2012, Christi has been responsible for upkeep the high standards of this historic magazine. From thoroughly reviewing stories to interviewing major figures in the Hawaiian Islands to managing interns, her job is no walk in the park!

And imagine, that’s all on top of being a mother!

Christi has a seven-year-old daughter named Sophia, who plays an important role in her life. Christi has found a way to incorporate aspects of being a mother into her job.

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In addition to working as the editorial director of HONOLULU Magazine, Christi also works as the editorial director for its sister magazine, HONOLULU Family Magazine. Through her position at HONOLULU Family Magazine, Christi can go on adventures with little Sophia and write about them later for work! In a way, her job encourages her to spend time with her daughter while exploring! Some of these adventures include heading to the playground to try out the Biba Playground app, creating graham cracker houses, and even trying the latest trendy restaurants to see if they are kid-friendly! Christi has truly found herself a pretty good balance between work and motherhood with this awesome deal.

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