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Meet Madri: The Clothing Brand Making it Easier for Women to Nurse

Meet Madri: The Clothing Brand Making it Easier for Women to Nurse


Breastfeeding can get tricky and difficult because of the time required, lactation issues, and occasional pain with ducts. Then, you add clothing and it can make it even harder when your baby or toddler is the type to pull down your bra and shirt in public for feeding. Let’s not forget if you’re a mother that has to breast pump at work. The entire process of taking off your blouse and bra can be uncomfortable and vulnerable.

Other women know that pain which is why the clothing brand Madri was created to make it easier, efficient, and accessible to nurse no matter where and when. Ashley Melone and Danielle Wallish, founders of the Madri collection and childhood best friends, realized this clothing dilemma early on in their nursing journeys.

In an interview with Love Child Magazine, Ashley spoke about the frustration with nursing clothing that she and Danielle texted about since they gave birth to children five weeks apart.

“The majority of what is on the market say to women ‘you should be staying home while nursing.’ This is exactly what Madri is not. We want women to be able to go where they want, when they want and still feel great about nursing in any situation necessary.”

The Madri collection does just that by offering jumpsuits, crossover tops, work shirts, a tunic dress, rompers, and loose-fitting pants that pair with many of their shirts. The way these items make it easier to nurse are all in the design. The crossover tops allow you to simply pull up one side of your shirt to let your child eat. The jumpsuits and rompers offer this same top attached to matching pants, with a zipper in the back.

While the work shirts and tunic dress have specific pleating over the chest area that hides zippers. This gives moms access to their breasts for pumping at work or letting their baby eat from the source as soon as mom gets home. A couple of their tops have panels underneath a double lining of the shirt, allowing for chest access. And we can’t forget any of the pants, with a comfortable loose fit and an elastic waistband to deal with the postpartum mom body.

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Not only do these items make it easier to nurse, but they’re undeniably stylish and offer sizes from extra small to large. I’m sure there’s a friend in mind while glancing at the collection or you might want to pick something out for yourself. Unfortunately, since everything looks so chic, it feels impossible to pick out a singular gift. Luckily, Madri offers online gift cards from $50 to $500, so it can take a load off from a hard decision maker.

Be sure to check out Madri’s media for more insight into the collection, future announcements, breastfeeding inspiration, and a beautiful look at motherhood and pregnancy.

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