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Meet The Mom Who Is Managing A Beauty Empire And Motherhood

If you’re looking for a natural hair guru, a quality consistent YouTuber, with a successful hair care line, and she’s a mompreneur? You’re in luck! Meet Whitney White, otherwise known as Naptural85 on Instagram and YouTube to her over one million followers. She got her start by documenting her natural hair journey on YouTube in 2009 after cutting her hair in 2008.

From there she uploaded video after video showing DIY hair creams, conditioners, oil mixes, protective hairstyles, and her hair care regimen. White’s hair went from several inches in 2009 to triple that length in three years. Her hair growth had her subscribers begging for her to sell her DIY products. Unbeknownst to them, she was working on it for six years before its release a few months ago. Through the entrepreneurial work, she gave birth to daughter Olivia, 6-years-old, and son Theodore, 2-years-old.


Let’s talk about how she’s killing the motherhood game.

  • Her YouTube empire has only flourished since the birth of her children. If you know anything about motherhood, it’s pretty hard to keep up with business. Sure, filming tutorials for YouTube and editing them together doesn’t seem the hardest to some people. But, she’s thought of, filmed, edited, and posted over 500 videos to her channel. A lot of this success was achieved after the birth of her daughter Olivia. She went from a healthy 200,000 subscribers several years ago to recently hit one million. It can be difficult adding a child into your life. Not to mention, having to film hours of video, edit it all together, and hopefully find some quiet time to voice over it. But somehow White managed to do it, and do it again with her son Theodore while working on her haircare line. The work of a mom truly never stops.


  • She overcame two battles with postpartum depression to become the self-made mompreneur we know today. In a recent YouTube video, White revealed that she had postpartum depression after the birth of both of her children. She felt the symptoms of low energy and a lack of interest in doing things, but she thought she was just tired from having a baby. White remarked how she pushed through it, still creating content around the clock and giving her subscribers what they wanted. She even mentioned how it was evident in her old videos that she wasn’t happy at the time. But it wasn’t till the birth of her son that she knew it was time to act and sought help. Looking at her videos now, it’s apparent that she’s happy and enjoying the mompreneur life.


  • She manages to do it all while balancing her brand and mom life. White is in high demand these days with her popularity. She’s made appearances at Essence, other conferences and companies have wanted to bask in her presence. Melanin Hair Care has been thriving since its release, which means the entrepreneur grind is probably in full effect. And when she’s not being featured in magazines like Hype Hair, she’s supporting her daughter Olivia play flag football and loving on her son Theodore. She also has a YouTube channel where she vlogs (video blogs) about her family life. You get a peek at the slight chaos of having two children and a husband. While marveling how she’s been able to film so many videos, look great doing it, and create a haircare line along with other DIYs.


Moving on to how she’s changing the face of motherhood.

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Whitney White reflects today’s millennial mom. Her initial job focus was in graphic design before she began showcasing her natural hair journey on YouTube. If you know anything about YouTube from back then in the 2000s, you know that it went from basic viral videos to tutorials, content creators, and comedy. White began her journey back when being natural was still new, and products weren’t the easiest to find or the cheapest.

Video by video, her followers grew, and her hair grew. And like many millennial moms, she was able to turn her hobby of showing how she did her hair into a brand to be reckoned with. Melanin Hair Care was born six years ago, and her daughter was born a year before that! Along the way, she became a full-time YouTuber, added another child, and re-envisioned what it means to work from home. I can’t think of many mom’s that stay home and create themselves into a brand. But millennial moms are doing just that and inspiring other moms to follow their dreams, showcase their talents and hobbies, and to embrace motherhood differently than the moms that came before them.

Kudos to this mompreneur!