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These 5 Women Show Us that Traveling Doesn’t Stop As A Mom

These 5 Women Show Us that Traveling Doesn’t Stop As A Mom

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People tend to think once you become a parent your life starts to slow down. That your travel bucket list has now been put on the back burner. But that’s a lie. Women all over the world aren’t sacrificing their traveling or waiting until their child becomes a certain age before they travel. They are simply bringing them along for the ride. My niece is 3-years-old and she’s got more passport stamps than me.

Here are 5 pictures of women who prove traveling doesn’t stop when you become a mom.


Gemma Hartley created the blog, Gemma and George, after she and her son started encouraging other parents to travel with their newborns or toddlers.  Here they are in Swiss Alps in Switzerland. “I never knew that becoming a #mother would bring me so much joy. Of course, I doubt every decision I make as a first-time parent,” she expressed. “Throw in traveling to different countries, and that doubt can double (depending on the circumstance). I am tired, my back hurts and I’ve still got my ‘mummy pouch’…But I absolutely love my new role and I love George.”

Travel blogger  Titiw Akmar and her son enjoyed Geger Beach in the Nusa Dua area in Indonesia. It’s recommended for visitors with kids since it’s not super crowded and offers water sport activities and other amenities.



Lifestyle and mom blogger Chantea McIntyre loves exploring all over California with her children. Therefore she jumped at the chance to visit her family one weekend meaning 8 hours in a vehicle with her four children for what she calls “the BEST WEEKEND EVER!”


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Educator  Owusu Abena showed out with her bestie/daughter had some fun in the water at a resort in Vietnam for mummy daughter time. “The joy of being able to raise a whole human being, that’s the power of a woman,  an epitome of beauty.”



Mompreneur Akeyla Virgin and her 2-year-old daughter A’miya’s on vacation on a boat in the Bahamas. “Successful mothers are not the ones that have never struggled. They are the ones that never give up, despite their struggles,” she shared via Instagram. “My journey as a mother has been challenged in some way since the very beginning, from my high-risk pregnancy to experiencing health issues on a day to day basis but despite those challenges, my love and dedication to being the best mother I can to this little girl will never change. Our fight will never end, & she reminds me every day that we’re in this together.” 

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